header image detail of Alexandria Levin painting
header image detail of Alexandria Levin painting

News & Other Notes | Alexandria Levin


Mount Hood: Contemporary Art Views
Pittock Mansion, Portland, OR
February to November 15, 2020
More info at this link.



Solo Exhibition
Gallery at the Jupiter, Portland, OR
April–May, 2020
• Cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
• Short-listed for 2021, if the gallery is open at that time.

Annual Spring Show
Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery
1237 SW 10th Ave., Portland, OR
• Postponed indefinitely.

Portland Design Week with PDX Open Studios
Invitational Exhibition
Gallery at the Ford, Portland, OR
• Postponed indefinitely. Might be cancelled. Might be online. More info to come, as soon as I know.

Portland Open Studios
• October 10–11, 2020
• October 17–18, 2020
PDXOS will be online only this year.
More info to come.

One of my paintings has been chosen for the set of a Netflix movie, to be streamed later in 2020. More info soon.

"Perspectives" – A Small Group Exhibition
Walters Cultural Art Center, Hillsboro, OR
April and May, 2021
More info to come.


Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery
There is always something of mine on display at the Rental Sales Gallery, on the walls, in the racks, and/or in the back room. Ask them. My artist page is here.

Instagram! Finally! I now have a strictly-art-and-other-creative-postings Instagram account. At some point, the little logo will be on here... But for now, click here. I am posting, on average, once a day.

Portland Open Studios
I have accepted the position of Community Leader for the SE Community of PDX Open Studios in 2020.
Click here for more info about PDX Open Studios.

26 new paintings from 2019 have recently been posted on this site. Look around in all three painting categories.

New Site
This very website is only one-year-old – Designed and developed in the CSS Grid Layout – And I can create a custom site for you too! Click here for my print and web design portfolio.

Books and eBooks for artists and other creative folks by artist Alexandria Levin (that would be me) are now available. Go here for more info: www.paintedjay.com

My painting, Pink Rabbit Thing, is the cover art for the Symbolists new album: Devil On My Shoulder. More info here: https://thesymbolists.bandcamp.com/releases

Selected Recent Events

2020 Peace of My Heart Art Show
A Benefit Exhibtion for CraneAge
Portland'5 Center for the Arts
1111 SW Broadway, Portland, OR
March, 2020

Annual Holiday Show
Gallery at the Ford
2505 SE 11th Ave., Portland, OR
December 2019 to January 2020

Fall Members' Show
Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery
1237 SW 10th Ave., Portland, OR
Late October through November, 2019

Portland Open Studios
• October 12–13, 2019
• October 19–20, 2019
Click here for my artist page on the PDX Open Studios site.

CAP Art Auction
One of my landscape paintings, Shadow Path, was curated into, and was successfully auctioned off at, this event to help raise funds for this important cause.

Pedals and Paws
April, 2019 – Portland'5 Center for the Arts, Portland, OR

Artslandia Box
My painting, Azalea #12, was the featured work of art in the Artslandia Box for the month of February, 2018. For more info, please click here: artslandiabox.com

Many more recent events can be found listed on the Artist CV page.