header image detail of Alexandria Levin painting
header image detail of Alexandria Levin painting

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High quality postcards of Alexandria Levin oil paintings from across three bodies of work.

Click here for the postcard page and information on ordering. More cards to come, later in 2020.


fine art postcard by Alexandria Levin

Beaded Jewelry

One-of-a kind-beaded glass and stone jewelry created by artist Alexandria Levin. A former business called 'Arielle Jewelry and Design' from her days of living in New Mexico, this endeavor is being revived in 2020... Because beads are so very good in so many ways.

Click here for the beaded jewelry page and information on ordering. Go take a look!

beaded jewelry

Artwork and Books

• Special Sale of Oil Paintings
Sale pricing for works that will not be exhibited again. If you are interested in purchasing an inexpensive oil painting, please click here for the Special Sale section of the archives.

• To purchase any available paintings on this site, please go to the contact page.

• Alexandria Levin's artist page at the Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery:

• Painted Jay Publishing
Books for Artists and Other Creative Folks
Painted Jay Publishing, LLC is an artist-run small publishing company, producing books for artists and other creative people. All books are written, produced, and published by artist Alexandria Levin. www.paintedjay.com