header image detail of Alexandria Levin painting
header image detail of Alexandria Levin painting

Watercolors | Alexandria Levin

Works on Paper – Watercolor with Colored Pencil

In the spring of 2020 we had a stay-home order, and so I stayed home. When things eased, I briefly returned to my oil painting studio, but I could not keep it much longer, also for pandemic reasons. However, a painter must paint, and so I took this time to reacquaint myself with watercolor on a corner of my home-office desk. I’ve dabbled with this medium on and off over the years, but never really dedicated it to a practice... Until now. And even though having an oil painting studio will happen again, as it must, a few years into this pandemic I know I will be working in both mediums going forward. There is so much still to explore. The three sections below represent my current showcase pieces.

CLICK HERE for the SALE watercolors section – early works, sketches, studies, and other small treasures including a few  of the new abstracts – each one under $100.

Ordering Information
• Choose which piece/s you would like to own or give as a gift. Contact me via the email address on my contact page . First come, first serve, in order of emails received. If you have a second or third choice, let me know that too, in case your first choice sells before I have a chance to update the pages.
• Send me your mailing address for the artwork.
• I will then send you my Paypal email address (it is different from the one I use on my contact page). If you're not into Paypal, there are other methods. We'll figure it out.
• Please plan to add $10.00 per order for priority mailing costs and packaging materials for domestic orders. I can fit a few watercolors into each envelope. Anything framed will cost a tiny bit more for shippping.
Contact me for large orders, for express mail, or for international mailing.

painting by Alexandria Levin

Trees and Forests

As written elsewhere throughout this site, trees have been important subject matter for a long time, from individual tree portraits to allegorical forests, plus a short series of Tree of Life paintings created while living in New Mexico.

Watercolors of Trees and Forests

painting by Alexandria Levin

Pumpkins, Buildings, Landscapes, Botanicals, and One Stuffed Rabbit

A collection of other-subject-matter watercolors created in the process of continued exploration.

Miscellaneous Watercolors

painting by Alexandria Levin

New Abstract Watercolors
2022 and 2023

A new series of abstract works, now in the very earliest stages of chasing watercolor visions that keep coming to me, almost faster than I can create them. The chase is exhilarating.

The very latest works